You're an actor of the e-business industry:
      Our immersive technology multiplies the power of your brand.

Diakse provides you with a unique tool to create interactive environments. We partner with digital agencies and e-business websites to propose brands and product manufacturers innovative solutions to sell products online.

Diakse bridges the gap between brands' need for differentiation and the poverty of technical possibilities offered by conventional 2D websites.


By continuously adapting our environments to customers’ expectations, we maximize your conversion rate.

Almost two years were necessary to develop our 3DVI3W process that relies on the virtual tour technology, improving it to allow product integration and real time reconfiguration of virtual tours. Indeed, once these environments are created, we can integrate your products according to stock availability.

Using this technology, we can offer a unique 3D Design service empowering your brand’s image.


We provide you with the tools to differentiate yourself from pure retailers & fight counterfeiting.

Today's brands need to showcase their history and image while presenting products in a « use case » configuration.

That's why we built a tool to offer your customers a new incredible experience.

Our virtual tours provide unrivalled image quality and behavior based navigation tools to recreate amazing buying journeys.

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